Who would want me?

I’m not being melodramatic when I ask that; I genuinely don’t know the answer. With so many eligible men out there, many of whom are some combination of funnier/richer/better looking than me is there any woman who would want a man who has a large family of his own already?

It’s not a scientific comparison, but I’ll do a simple pros and cons list for me:


  • Loving and doting father
  • Well travelled
  • Full of anecdotes
  • Believes in being a gentleman
  • Enthusiastic dancer
  • Earns a pretty decent wage
  • Has been described as humorous
  • Keen to please (in ways I shan’t go into in case my children ever read this)
  • Isn’t a total munter in the looks department


  • Has four kids to look after (at time of writing, full time)
  • Is finishing paying off debts, so hasn’t got money for city breaks
  • Is mid-divorce
  • Is a tiny bit broken so needs a bit of fixing
  • Lives miles away from London
  • Isn’t getting any younger – 36 is no spring chicken!
  • Did I mention having four kids?!

Dating while managing to look after my kids is going to be a bloody challenge. I’ve got some friends and family who might be able to help look after them for the occasional night, and perhaps eventually their mother might be able to take them a bit, but until then it’s going to be hard work. No impulsive “what are you up to tonight?” opportunities for me. It’s all going to need to be planned, which sort of takes away some of the spontaneity that new romances thrive on (I think).

I’m sure there are women out there who would like me if the met me (and when I say sure I actually mean hope), but whether I find one who will be willing to take on the complete package remains to be seen.

Fingers are well and truly crossed though!


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