I Ghosted Someone And This Is Why I Don’t Regret It

Ghosting is generally a bad thing, or so I’ve been told. However, it’s also important to remember that not every situation is the same.

This really interesting piece is from courtneydercqu.com and is well worth a read.

As published on Elite Daily. You can check out the full article here

For a brief three-month window, I “dated” this dude named Craig. His name’s not really Craig, but I can only assume this is a really Craig-like thing to do.

Attention: To anyone reading this named Craig, don’t be this guy, OK?

Craig is what Vince Vaughn would probably refer to as a stage five clinger. Like, he wasn’t terrible and you could kind of tell he was just desperate for love, but his approach made you kinda want to run away from that senator’s luxury mansion (I love “Wedding Crashers”).

So, Craig. We casually dated for a couple months. I can’t say I was really into him. Having a conversation with him was like pulling teeth. Sometimes his yes and no answers made me feel like I was one of those old school MySpace quizzes and he…

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