So this is the part where I tell you about me and this blog…

Quick overview of my history so as not to bore you – fell in love at 18 with the woman who would go on to be my wife, moved in together at 20, had our first child at 24, then another at 26, a third at 30 and my last at 33 (girl-boy-girl-boy, if you’re interested). Was blissfully happy and looking forward to growing old together.

Caught my wife having an affair in January 2017 – it’d been going on for two months with the 19-year-old boy she sat next to at work. I know, right?! I tried to reconcile and make it work, but a marriage takes two and only one of us hadn’t already checked out. So we split, she moved out and the divorce was sorted by September.

It took a while to settle down into new routines and realise that life wasn’t over, but I’m actually finding myself excited about the future for the first time in years, and really looking forward to what the next chapter of my life brings. Balancing dating with being a single parent 50% of the time is challenging but, as I’m finding out, definitely not impossible by any means.

So, I’ve signed up to some dating websites, am learning how to buy clothes and how to flirt again (it’s way tougher than I thought!) and putting myself out there in the hopes I’ll stumble across an available and interested part-time scientist, part-time lingerie model who is independently wealthy and who always wanted a family but could never have children herself.

If that’s you, get in touch… 🙂


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